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Well, what can I say….Off Beat Safaris is such an amazing place.

I was a student at Off Beat in 2004 for 3 months. It was such an amazing 3 months. Incredible people, great vibe, amazing animals…….just an absolutely unforgetable experience!!! I learnt so much and completely fell in love with the place, so much so, a year after leaving Off Beat, I moved from the UK to South Africa to continue my studies in Field Guiding and Lodge management.

After completing my year studies, I then worked at Off Beat Safaris for just under 2 years and am still to this day living in Hoedspruit (now with my husband and our daughter).

Off Beat will always have part of my heart and hold most of my fondest and unforgettable memories.

Millie, you are amazing and an inspiration to so many.

Thank you fo all you have ever done for me, from the day I arrived at Off Beat Safaris as a student, you welcomed me into the Off Beat family, 7 years later I still feel part of the furniture! You open your home, your lifestyle, your life, share your passion and most of all you open your heart to every person that ever passes through Off Beat gates.

For anyone looking to take part in the student program or simply take a break out of life and go and visit the bush camp. I can strongly recommend the place. Your life will never be the same again once you have been touched by this magical place.

Love you all lots, including the horses, dogs, and cats.

Tara xxx

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