Horses in the African Bush

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Sharing / Half Bating

Working with Horses

Come to Off Beat Safaris and discover life in the African bush working with horses in a fun, easy and enjoyable way. The horses are relaxed and the stable yard well run.


A tribute to my horses

The spirit of the horse is like the wind, you cannot capture it. Show them how much you care and they will enter your heart and capture your soul.


Horses have an unconquerable air of freedom. They are strong and powerful, fast, graceful, intelligent, forgiving, brave, full of spirit, willing to please, noble, trustworthy, gentle when need be and above all, physically beautiful – to the point of perfection.


 Over time I have bonded with each horse and know them as individuals. I love them all in a different way. They are magnificent and have endearing manners and traits – little whorls and sprinkles in strange places, velvety noses, soft eyes, manes that grow in weird ways, inquisitive dispositions, they give soft welcoming snorts and have funny quirks and expressions.


My horses have been patient and lovable. The mares have been excellent mothers and grandmothers, they have also been extra careful around the grand kids, especially when they were toddlers. They are vulnerable and trusting when sick and rather nervous when the dentist or vet arrives.  They are also naughty and willful at times – but then they are only showing tolerance and kindness towards us as mere humans.


They stretch, roll, playfully chase each other, lick me, react to my voice and come to me when called…(well mostly) and they smell so good. The list is endless – what wonderful creatures they are.


To those horses that are now in horse heaven, an ancient Bedouin legend ” I give thee flight without wings”


                                                      You are my pride and joy – I salute you!



Half bating

Do you love horses but do not have the space, time or finance to look after a horse? Share a horse with the owner – I will stable. feed, exercise, have the farrier trim the hooves, love them and look after them for you. For a minimal fee you can ride when you please, compete in shows elsewhere, visit when you choose and above all spend time with the horses.

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